Enter the Madness
Hey my name's Briana! This is a random blog full of stuff that I like~ I love lots of things from anime to jack skellington to skullgirls, anime, vocaloids, harley quinn and I'm just naming my tracked tags lol. So expect some interesting reblogs =P Also don't be afraid to leave a message so we can chat =) Especially if we have alot in common by how we reblog! =D Blog will contain nsfw.

Sketch of Mocha Chino aka Beret Girl from Extremely Goofy movie. My love for minor characters continues to grow. I aspired ti be her once I got into college lol. Wish this didn’t turn out to look exactly¬†like her, but I guess since this is a screencap reference it’s ok. When I do an original pose… I hope I make her more personal in style.